CABS Lyrics


Lyrics By: Joe Allard

I see your gracefulness
Hovering over me
Tasting my sweet nectar
For everyone to see

I hear your lovely song
Calling out to me
I sit here by my window
Wondering if I'll see

Your gracefulness again
Casting your shadow
On my heart
Every time you
Swoop on by

I find myself again
Wondering where you are
Way up in the sky
With all your other friends

Hey little blue
Sing a song for me
Your sweet sweet voice
Is symphony to my ears and I

Planted you some flowers
Filled a feeder
With purple hearts
And some oranges
Of sweet nectar

What I wouldn't give
To have you here with me
But every time your by
You seem just out of reach

I finally realize
What freedom is to you
Tempting with our hearts
But remaining just as friends


Lyrics By: Dan Lundstrom

Accidents can happen only once she said
After that it's just a mere coincidence
Meeting you this way is just happen stance
Can't say I ever got a word of what you meant

Chance has a way of revolving your world
Spinning you around to show you choices that you made
If you take the time to second guess yourself
You miss the opportunities that stare you in the face

Our lives are spent
Walking in circles
Next time around
you might need the bridge you burned
back in the same situation
once in a while you found the tables have turned

Nobody gave you this illusion
A misunderstanding that's been leading you along
Back in the land of confusion
What does it matter if you don't like this song



Flat Liners
Lyrics By: Dan Lundstrom

Have you ever stood
At the edge of your life
And wondered how you got there
And what would be in store
And if the answer came to you in a vision,
Would you listen or would you block it out
Block it out and jump for all your worth?

We can't go on
Pretending that we live in this illusion
Waiting for the day of its conclusion
Instead of living life for all we're worth

once in awhile,
I think I see the light
I start walking toward it but
I wonder if it's right
The questions always stop me and rob me
Of my chance to learn and find it out
I'm finding out the hard way what I'm worth


There may be no answer
And there may be no way
To settle this unsettled path we take
Well if we turn the wrong way,
Let the chips fall where they may--we'll have to pick them up
Pick them up and see how much they're worth



On To It
Lyrics By: Andy Knicklebine

She's got a funny way of loving
She doesn't kid around
She likes to make my heart beat fast
She charges by the pound

She's faster than a hummingbird
And slower than a sloth
She likes to blow me smoke rings
She likes to hear me cough

She loves to push the envelope
And get me so upset
She likes to gamble with a heart
She doesn't lose a bet

She loves to dress in satin gowns
She likes to turn the heads
She wants to be the one they all want
With them in their beds

She has inflated self esteem
She thinks she's from above
She has no time to talk to me
She'd rather just make love

She can cast infectious stares
She's got that sultry style
She weakens me with devil eyes
And kills me with her smile

I wish she'd just leave me alone
But she is so hell-bent
She wishes i'd make love with her
I wish i was impotent


Favorite Color
Lyrics By: Joe Allard

The reflecting beauty
That each one sees
Determines ones dignity
In the materials needs

Materials than fight
For exterior light
And the body itself
Gets thrown on the shelf

Particles in motion
And waves of propagation
Make the entire
Continuum of light

All the materials
Compete with one another
To be complete
With shades of each other

If they could realize
Under all that disguise
Each gets its color
From absorbing the other

And some materials absorb
And others reflect
But those that neglect
Will never respect



False Pretense
Lyrics By: Joe Allard

Will all live forever
At least will all try
And will always be together
Even as we say goodbye
All else is forgiven
So why we still cry

Of all the people that you see
How many are your friends
And the few that are near to me
How many just pretend
If I were to leave them be
Who's left in the end

But if we talk about
The times we had together
We think about everyday
Thought we'd be more
Than became
In each of our lives
We shared

With all the worlds population
I still feel isolation
So I give to you a contemplation
That friendship is an interpretation



The Guide
Lyrics By: Dan Lundstrom

I'm drawing blanks
Don't know where to start or go to
Seems like nothing comes easy anymore
If life is a song
I don't seem to know the words

We stumble along
We hope to hit on something that's right
Walking blind and barefoot through the night
Moonlight's too hard to see
When the sun is blinding

Have you ever asked
Is there anybody out there
I think I do
We all look for someone who
Know's where there going to
Do you...

I hate to think
No one giving no instructions
In a world of mass destruction everyday
I don't care about the weekend
Just get me through today

Sometimes it's kind a funny
When your asking me those questions
I'll try to give the answers I don't have
But if I give you the wrong ones
Would you even know


Time marches on
Summers turning into next spring
I don't think that it's warm or comforting
But I know it's true
And I don't know what to do



The Crow
Lyrics By: Andy Knicklebine

My love's a raven's wing tonight
All jet-black devoid of flight
A snare drum skin beyond tight
A pit of dark, devouring light

My love's a raven's talon now
A piercing claw clutched in tree bough
A ring representing a tarnished vow
A living force, but dead somehow

My love's a raven's thrashing tail
Dipping into my en trails
A ghost ship sailing without sails
A dead man's hand; cold and pale

My love's a raven's searing screech
A sickly "caw" with infinite reach
A sandaled foot on a burning beach
A panicked pain that's known to each

My love's a raven's feast of gore
A gruesome mass of scabs and sores
The hoof beats of the horsemen four
My love's a raven
Never more!


State Of Mind
Lyrics By: Joe Allard

The Natural State
To Hallucinate
Penetrate into

Expanding ones
Exploring the

The creative mind, Is the mind we search
To write the songs, The songs in us
To reach this state, State of mind
Is through a joint, The joint of life
So lets get high, High on life
And hallucinate today

Discovering new
Beyond normal

Enhancement of
To colors of

The creative mind, Is the mind we search
To write the songs, The songs in us
To reach this state, State of mind
Is through a joint, The joint of life
So lets get high, High on life
And hallucinate today


Boxcar Transplant
Lyrics By: Andy Knicklebine & Joe Allard

Train fly's by like the morning sunlight
Another try that just didn't feel right
Can't say yes, but I could say all right
If only you were here

Whistle blows and the engine screams
And I take my bows and dart off the screen
I wouldn't feel so far in between
If only you were here

Boxcar blues only lead to fright
As the track rolls by into the night
My heart beats rhythm, with the trains flight
Across the land in search of sunlight

A thousand miles down a dead end track
Since the wheels are turning, there's no turning back
Could unpack my heart from this hobo's sack
If only you were here

A bottle of vino and a broken guitar
Sums up the life i've lived so far
I'd find hope in the sky if i could see the stars
And if only you were here

Boxcar blues only lead to fright
As the track rolls by into the night
My heart beats rhythm, with the trains flight
Across the land in search of sunlight

My blanket is torn, and my feet are bare
I don't have enough to even pay the fare
But, i would go nearly anywhere
If only you were here

Some people get down about life's distress
It's all about the things you really love i guess
I know the only taste i've had of happiness
Is when you were here